Our Promise

Strong foundations start from within. For the sake of making things better, we are committed to doing things differently. We leverage our passion and expertise to deliver the ultimate concrete services at lowered costs, superior customer support, appeal and value. We transform our customers perception in this industry by unparalleled communication and commitment.

Our Vision

We intend to build concrete structures and relationships with every pour. The goal is to standardize the bar for which contractors interact with customers, providing a more appealing and attainable product for everyone. Arenʼt you happy you found us?

Why Choose Concrete?

Concrete is the second most used material on earth after water. It’s everywhere in various forms – from the Hoover Dam to the 2,000-year- old Pantheon in Greece! At Chester County Flatwork Construction, concrete is what we do.

Concrete is the only material we work with because we know it’s versatile enough to bring your vision to life and durable enough to withstand time and the elements without losing its beauty. Choosing concrete is a great decision! Whether you’re installing a new driveway or repairing or resurfacing a patio, choosing us to partner with you every step of the way is an even better one, and here’s why…

Best For Your Budget

We offer poured concrete, repairs, removal and resealing and stamped concrete too and the first thing we do is make sure the option you choose is best for your vision and budget. Unlike some of our competitors our quotes are accurately priced, and we only use experienced labor, cutting down on the number and cost needed to get the job done. Although we are industry experts, we strive to be competitive and efficient, so that our experience doesn’t break your bank!

Experts in Engineering Concrete

With over 30 years’ experience, Chester County Flatwork Construction are experts in engineering concrete that will stay looking good for decades. We have built a reputation in the county based on our attention to detail, high standards and results. From navigating complex blueprints, specs and architectural plans, to choosing the locations, foundations and finished surface, we make sure everything is perfect for your installation.

Collaboration and Customer Service

Alongside our concrete expertise, we’re also obsessed with delighting our customers. We make it easy to do business with us by offering out of office hours appointments to fit with your schedule and multiple ways of contacting us. At every stage of the project, we collaborate and communicate with you, so that your needs and goals are met, there are no surprises and the process is manageable, exciting and stress free.

Now the only choice left to make is which service you want!


Stamped concrete walkway

Stamped Concrete

Get the same effect on your patio as you would with pavers, but at a fraction of the upkeep cost and effort.

Repairs & Removal

When concrete ages, it begins to deteriorate and crack. Our goal is to fortify and rejuvenate the damaged concrete to strengthen it. We also offer concrete removal.

Poured Concrete

With poured concrete walls and concrete footings, your structures will be arguably stronger than if using regular cinder blocks. Poured concrete can be formed into a multitude of shapes and structures.

About Us

Chester County Flatwork Construction is a family-oriented local concrete company with one office located in Chester County, Pennsylvania. We specialize in poured concrete installations, repairs, removal and stamp concrete. As a transparent company, we walk our clients through the entire process from start to finish. We wonʼt leave you in the dark.

"Chester County Flatwork Construction was amazing from the time I requested a quote to when they completed my new patio. I would highly recommend Barry and his team to anyone needing concrete work."

Solid as Concrete

Every Detail Lovingly Poured Over to Bring Your Concrete Project to Life… Give Your neighbors Something to be Jealous Of!