CHESTER COUNTY FLATWORK CONSTRUCTION is a family-oriented business serving the greater Chester County, Pennsylvania area. Above all, learn why we do what we do and what it means for you.  We specialize in concrete installations, repairs, removal, re-sealing maintenance and stamped concrete.

Our driving mission is to make your vision
of property strength, appeal, and overall value a reality by rendering the ultimate concrete solutions. Therefore, you can expect the best poured concrete has to offer, without the nuances that permeate our industry.

Barry Taggart -Predecessor
As a company, our very existence and accomplishments can be traced back to Barry Taggart Sr., predecessor and mentor to CCFC founding member Barry Taggart Jr. Barry worked tirelessly alongside his father from adolescence through adulthood, which forever shaped his mind, character, and skillset. Encompassing intrinsic values along the way, Barry developed an unparalleled work ethic, sound moral fibers and a passion for concrete.


Now Barry applies these values to every aspect in his life, including with the people he comes in contact with at CCFC on a daily basis. Barry currently has over three decades of industry experience, and he continues to stay informed of the latest innovations in concrete applications and safety.  In other words, every ounce of this experience goes to work for you.

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Barry Taggart-CCFC Founder
Eshea Fox-CCFC Co-Founder

Real Estate Experience

Similarly, CCFC co-founder Eshea Fox plays an equally essential role in our organization. Eshea has extensive real estate experience; she is also a business development specialist and military veteran with a background in construction. For instance if you’re looking for a second opinion from someone who understands the impact of home or business improvements on the market, this is where Eshea comes in. Her father was a master carpenter, so she was—like Barry—drawn to the industry because of family.

As a veteran, Eshea has learned to pay attention to the smallest of details. She and Barry have forged a partnership rooted in a synergistic approach where services are offered in the way we are accustomed to. In conclusion, this wealth of experience is what makes us stand out; it is what we infuse in every project we complete.

We're Here
For You

So, whether you own a commercial or a residential property—whether you’re a builder or an organization in need of some poured concrete—CCFC is available to translate our knowledge and expertise to your project. We take on jobs of all sizes, and of various levels of complexity, with the same level of drive and commitment. We put those pesky anxieties to rest as long as we are working together.  To put it simply, We’re for you!

Call us at 610.273.3963 for your free estimate. You can also send us your blueprints at